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If I were President: Blair on Job Creation

I guess I will have to categorize this one as a political statement.

Sometimes I imagine myself in someone else’s role and ask, “what would I do in this situation?”

Take this ride with me if you can. Here’s the premise. I am the President of the United States. I am trying to save the economy and create jobs. Because so much manufacturing has been moved out of the country, I have to figure out what the world will always need that can at the same time serve as a renewable source of income.

My answer is FOOD. America used to be the world’s “bread basket.” With that we wielded power and prosperity – that is before we started to pay farmers not to work and allowed multinational conglomerates to take over.

Here is what I’d do to make the economy grow:

In the 25 largest cities are old factory buildings and complexes, all abandoned. I would re-tool them into controlled environment fields for growing crops. I would power them with solar panels and windmills. Inside of these buildings we could grow crops under perfect conditions – not subject to weather or natural disasters. The soil could be cultivated to perfect conditions. In an adjoining building the dirt could be processed and replaced, ensuring perfect rotations.

If we expand the idea a bit more, we could add a processing plant as well. Most of the old factories have railroad lines for cost effective transportation. Coastal waterfront cities would be able to ship by water barges. Super markets would be able to receive economic buys, lowering the cost of fresh and nutritious food – home grown food. The population would be better equipped to live a healthy lifestyle.

I propose to raise the minimum wage and freeze unions out for at least the first five years for all industries associated with this enterprise. New support industries would be born, creating jobs. Building and maintaining these industries will create more jobs. You will never lose your market.

Take this a step further. Why not raise cattle, chickens, and pigs in controlled settings as well? Natural, grass-fed animals also raised in buildings where you could change the sod regularly like they do when they’re revamping a football field. The spacious buildings would leave plenty of room for the raising of the animals with fair feeding practices as well as for the growth of sod. The spin-off industries would be amazing.

If we can build aquariums, we can build fish farms with perfect, humane conditions as well! Feeding the fish natural products instead of grains would be a great advantage. The cities would repopulate. The people would be employed. The market is global.

Oh, did I mention the possibility of converting the animal waste into methane (gas)?

If I was the President, this might work – bringing past successes into the 21ST century!

Anybody have President Obama’s cell phone number? I need to get PAID $$$$ for this idea!

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  1. Excellent post! I love how you incorporated sound environmental policies in your game plan. I will be sharing this with my geography class! Thank you!

  2. Francesco says:

    Interesting concept. I see it working.

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