Master Forrest G. Blair

Hard Views for Tough Times

My birthday is the 31st of March. As I approach the  wonderful age of 61, I want to share some observations – no judgments – from my lifetime! I hope future generations  can receive some  benefit from my insight.

Life as you want  to believe is upside down. No means yes and yes means no in government at any level. If they say no, it does  not  apply to them or they mean that there is some  loophole provided against that being applied to them. Government is for you who will be sanctioned and you the person that it is applied towards. They use unsanctioned rules of conduct to apply their means to an end. Crime, both white collar and blue collar, will break the laws to achieve their ends – money, greed ,power, and control.

As a human being trying  to work within the lofty ideals and uplifting statements, you’ll find that they try to mask these principles as correct conduct. They’ll tell you to be a good citizen. They’ll tell you to be a good patriot. Come on! Hypocricy is the regarded intention of your lofty goals or your early mission statements. Everything  seems to fall into the  pit of low-life corruption – individually or collectively. This is how business gets done! Corruption, take off your mask, your pitiful titles, and your lies and  contrivances.

P.T. Barnum said, “If a sucker comes along and I don’t take him, somebody else will.”

The world is made of 3 distinct types of people. The first 5% are pure evil. They will exploit, lie, cheat, steal, and plunder! The second 5% will research, be informed, and have opinions that work to enrich their lives  and the lives of  others  around them. They will care and have  empathy for those that are not  their concern. Then there is the final 90% – those concerned  with themselves and who will believe anything because they want to believe what the masses want to believe and question nothing. They know that they are in a non-committed struggle but hope  that they can go with the flow or somehow end up on the  winning side and change to their  beliefs.

I am just an an gentle older statesman observing monumental changes based upon life experience and not accepting the trivial explanations. I have heard the same exact trite arguments and solutions for over 30 years and have seen nothing done  about  them. Our esteemed municipal, local, state, or federal governments continue to bleed our taxes for their real hidden agendas and collect their brokers commissions for  bringing  about  for their client’s interests.

We, as citizens, have  to recognize what is happening and always ask the  basic questions. The government is always doing  business. With whom? For what? When will this business solve the raised problems at hand? Will it be  in a timely manner? Will the agency of that business be dissolved after the mission is accomplished?

I could go on, but if you are a thinking person you will understand what I am saying. Unions, councils, and state and federal administrations are all entrenched in this cross referenced deal/blackmail/bribe/etc., system claiming to represent us – the people who elected them. Our methods for demanding a list of accountability, information, and clarity will have  to change. The way that it is, built on shaky ground, can only end one way.

We are watching our stupidity and lack of  accountability with the consequence of ignored ignorance!  Not a judgment or an indictment. More  like an observation. Just sayin’…

Humility be thy goal,
F. G. Blair

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  1. Francesco says:

    Very well said.

  2. Jeffrey booker says:

    I found you words very inspiring Master Blair

  3. I'm McHugh says:


    You are even wiser now then when we last met, nearly 40 years ago.

    Tim McHugh

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