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True Tae Kwon Do Power

Not long ago, I received a friend request on Facebook from a woman by the name of Sophie Song-Love. Her profile talks about how she wants to befriend other martial artists, and I’m not 100% sure what she’s doing, but she likes to uncover and expose self-made martial arts and share information on some of the greater martial art talents out there. I’m cool with that.

The other day, however, she posted this statement with a link to a video:

This is the power of traditional Taekwondo.

And this is the video she posted:

So here’s what I have to say about this video.

The world record was certainly visually impressive. With all due respect, however, we certainly did NOT see the true power of Tae Kwon Do. What we did see was the power of applied physics with a little man made “help insurance.”

A true break of that magnitude would not break in a straight line unless aided by a purposely created (by man) scoring (weakening) of the materials involved. He is using what is called an amorphous solid. That means that the molecules are arranged in a random pattern – not in a fixed pattern. This means the material can break in any direction.

How do we get it to break the way we want? Since this is what physics would call a “shear stress break,” the visual observation of the break would be a straight line at the beginning of the stress force, but then the foce line would slow, stop, or become crooked.

Please note the stability guide wall behind the break. That would help guide the force and weight of the falling material right into the weakened, scored points, controlling the implosion and insuring that the weakened points would strike one another. Something that has been scored will cleanly break along that line.

There is so much truth in martial arts. We don’t need to cheapen our image with P.T. Barnum-style, misleading physics tricks.

Not a judgement. Only an observation..

The path of least resistance is a martial principle – true. This video may be a misapplied example.

Humility be thy goal,

Grandmaster F. G. Blair

2 Responses to “True Tae Kwon Do Power”

  1. Warren says:

    Good exercise stacking all that masonry though.

  2. Francesco says:

    I will agree that it definitely doesn’t show the true Tae Kwon Do power; It’s more along the lines of a well executed science project.

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