Master Forrest G. Blair

Board Breaking Magic – Take 2

Here it is, my friends. In my first video you got to see an unsupported, external break. In this new video, I’m demonstrating an internal, shock wave break. This video has quite a bit of explanation before the break but I’m positive serious students will appreciate the info.


Enjoy – and leave a comment if you have any questions! I’ll do my best to answer them…

2 Responses to “Board Breaking Magic – Take 2”

  1. Ray Simoglou says:

    Loved it this is the type of information that people would pay for… Also All of these could be translated into life! Maybe call it One Step At a Time!
    My Life
    By Master Forrest G. Blair
    1)Talk about how you must always keep moving in a derection.
    2)Childhood and how the arts changed you.
    3)Looking for a good teacher.
    4)Overcomming the odds.
    Just a few
    Thank you Sir!!
    Ray S.

  2. Ralph Clement says:

    Grandmaster Blair you did a fabulous job of explaining Inner Force, H’sein. I studied Wu Su for about 20 years until COPD cut my study of self short. I would enjoy being a member of your web site so that I might hear more of your excellent instruction. With Great Respect, Sifu Ralph Clement.

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